Sugar Land Flying Saucer Opens

SUGAR LAND - The newest location of the Texas-based Flying Saucer Draught Emporium has opened in Sugar Land, southwest of Houston.

This site becomes the fifteenth national location of the Flying Saucer chain, and the seventh overall to open in Texas.

Tallgrass Cans First Belgian-Style Tripel

From their press release...


Craft Beer's First Belgian-Style Tripel in a Can: Velvet Rooster

Tallgrass Brewing Company is releasing the industry's first canned Belgian-style Tripel under the auspicious name of "Velvet Rooster." Velvet Rooster began shipping this week in 4-packs of 16-ounce cans and in kegs.

"Andrew Hood, our head brewer, put together this amazing brew as his first test batch when he came to Tallgrass. I tasted it and wanted to can it that day," said Tallgrass founder Jeff Gill. "Traditionally, Belgian-style Tripels take themselves very seriously, but we just couldn't do that. We had to give it our Tallgrass-twist, and Velvet Rooster was born."

Velvet Rooster is in the Trappist tradition of Belgian Tripels with sweet tones gently hiding its strong alcohol bite (8.5% ABV). The beer pours a golden straw color and is topped with a lofty pure white head that unveils the beer's strong floral and fruit aromas.

The taste is clean but complex, starting with hints of fruit and sweet malt, with just a touch of candy sweetness at the end. The beer's Champagne-like effervescence provides a crisp offset to its sweet finish.

According to, a website dedicated to promoting craft beer in cans, Velvet Rooster is the first of its kind. "As far as I know, Tallgrass's Velvet Rooster is the first canned Tripel in the world," said co-founder Russ Phillips. "Tripels are usually in serious looking bottles with stuffy names. I wonder what the Trappist Monks would think of their heritage in a 16-ounce can with a psychedelic rooster on it?"

The Tallgrass website ( playfully says of their latest creation,"It is smooth and carefully crafted, like a fine velvet painting." 

In association with National Craft Beer Week in May, Tallgrass gave the public a limited preview of the brew. Velvet Rooster was a featured craft beer at select Old Chicago Restaurants in the Midwest. This small sampling left many people asking when they could take home a can of this amazing brew. The answer is now.

Bamberger Rindfleisch

Cuando publicó esta receta de carne con cerveza de trigo me hizo acordar de la idea que hacía rato me había estado dando vueltas por la cabeza de intentar hacer Boeuf Bourguignon, pero con cerveza, en lugar de vino.

A diferencia de la receta arriba mencionada, no se me había ocurrido utilizar cerveza de trigo, sino cerveza ahumada oscura (de ahí el nombre, porque vieron, soy así de

I'm not from here: Beer from Outside Indiana

You might question the relevance of writing about beer from outside Indiana on "A Beer Blog for Indiana, from Indianapolis". Nevertheless, we pick up a lot of beer from other states on our travels here and there, and we know that many of our readers do the same. Here are a few things to keep an eye out for if you find yourself in a liquor store outside of Indiana's state lines. The following beers were acquired in St. Louis, Missouri.

If I were to name the brewer who had the firmest grip on my wallet, it would be Danish tryllekunstner Mikkel Bjergsø, whose beers often hit the sweet spot between interesting flavor, attention grabbing (though not particularly impressive) bottle art, and affordability (in that they're expensive but never seem outrageously so).

While is sometimes seems to me that Gina buys unusual beer indiscriminately*; I have to be prodded or convinced. Even though his record is not perfect, Mikkeller has me convinced.

We've drank Mikkeller Black Hole before. It seems like we've drank it quite a bit of it here and there*. As a result, two new varieties of the beer practically jumped off the liquor store shelves and into my cart.

Mikkeller Black Hole: Bourbon Barrel Aged - A "that's gonna be rich" nose jumps out of the glass, with a strong vanilla extract scent taking center stage. The weird thing about this beer is that it moved right past my palate to on first sip, slipsliding through my tastebuds and breaking like a wave on the back of the tongue. The beer is unbelievably smooth - I had to almost swirl it around my mouth to pull the bigger flavors out.

When paired with milano cookies, the dark chocolate elements of the cookie draw the alcohol flavor out. Big and smooth don't often go together, but this beer is exactly that. Tasty in a weird way. Definitely different than the regular version of Black Hole.

Mikkeller Black Hole: Cognac Barrel Aged- This one was definitely different. A bigger nose with sandlewood/cedar elements, and hints of dark fruit. The beer had the same smoothness as its Bourbon aged brother, but bit a little earlier, with notes of cocoa powder and baking chocolate also coming though. A richer, bigger, but not markedly different beer, which might Be surprising considering the difference in liquors.

In any case, another winner from Mikkeller.

*Gina would say that both of these statements are untrue.

Öko Urtrunk

Tipo: Kellebier

Alcohol: 4,7% vol. alc.

Capacidad de la botella: 50cl

Fermentación: Inferior

Fabricante: Rother Bräu, Hausen/Rhön, Alemania.


Dæve's diphthongs

At long last, the third of the Hardknott bottles Dave and Ann gave me while we queued for the Great British Beer Festival last year. I've disposed of the Infra Red and the Granite, which leaves just this bottle of Æther Blæc 2009. I do feel a bit guilty leaving it this long -- the point of brewers giving out freebies is to promote their wares, of course, and this wasn't promoting anything by sitting in my attic for 15 months -- but as I said in relation to the other two: Dave makes a big deal on his labels about how his beers are best left to age so it's really his own fault.

Anyway, Æther Blæc is an 8% ABV stout that's had several months' maturation in a Caol Ila whisky cask. The recommendation (he's big on his recommendations, is Dave) is to serve at room temperature but this came out of my attic on a chilly day so my first sip was quite a cool one. The phenols jumped out a mile, delivering powerful and rather unpleasant disinfectant flavours and little else. Given a while to warm up, however, and it rounds out quite nicely. Yes, there's still a lot of that TCP thing. If you don't like peaty whisky you probably won't like this. But there's also bags of sweet creamy chocolate (Galaxy bars, specifically), some quite dry un-vanilla-ish oak and a proper tang of bitter green hops. The aroma is an enticing peaty one, offering a subtle prelude to the bigger flavours to come.

I can kind of see how this might mellow with even more aging, but it's still perfectly drinkable now. Cheers Dave.

Week-of tips for attendees of Hoosier Beer Geek's Tailgate for Nothing 5

We're less than a week away from the fifth edition of our semi-annual Tailgate for Nothing, which will take place this Saturday from 11 a.m. in the back parking lot at Sun King Brewing Company. While the full details about the event are here, here are some quick tips if you plan to attend:

1. The Indianapolis Monumental Marathon/Half-Marathon is being held on the same day as TFN5. The marathon course will take the runners all over the downtown area. Therefore, you might want to take a look at the route map and plan your trip to Sun King accordingly, especially if you plan to arrive at 11.

2. The event is kid- and pet-friendly, so feel free to bring your little ones, regardless of whether they walk on four legs or two.

3. The current forecast (as of 10:30 p.m. on 10/30) looks great -- 63 degrees and partly sunny -- but we recommend that you bring a canopy if you have one. Even if it doesn't rain, it doesn't take much to get a sunburn if you plan on hanging out for most of the day.

4. If you have a tasting glass, bring it. There should be a lot of beer to share, and the smaller glasses are the best way to go about sharing and keeping yourself under control.

5. Bring friends. TFN5 is all about having a great time, so the more, the merrier.

6. As always, TFN is a no freeloaders event; please bring food and beer with you. If you don't have a giant special beer, that's not a problem. Just make sure you bring something tasty. This isn't a rare beer contest. It's just a good time.

7. Finally, Jason thinks it's already time to start celebrating Christmas because he's our resident Christmas Creep. He'll undoubtedly be singing Christmas songs on Saturday. But like most crazy people, he'll go away if you ignore him.

We'll see you on Saturday!


Heineken & Halloween:

Engel Hefeweizen Hell

Tipo: Hefeweizen

Alcohol: 5,5% vol. alc.

Capacidad de la botella: 50cl

Fermentación: Superior

Fabricante: Biermanufaktur Engel, Crailsheim, Alemania.


Guinness & Halloween:
Esta marca irlandesa siempre se ha caracterizado ademas de por su exquisita cerveza negra por ser una de las empresas con mas creatividad  en su publicidad, como muestra estos 8 anuncios dedicados a la noche "más terrorifica del año".

Mönchshof Kellerbier

Tipo: Kellerbier

Alcohol: 5,4% vol. alc.

Capacidad de la botella: 50cl

Fermentación: Inferior

Fabricante: Kulmbacher Brauerei Aktien-Gesellschaft, Kulmbach, Alemania.


Quiero dar las gracias a Carlos, dueño de la "Tasca Colon" por conseguirme esta cerveza.

Die Eisenbrucke

Die Eisenbrucke Brown ALE

Die Eisenbrucke Belgian Strong

Die Eisenbrücke, Kölsch

Die Eisenbrücke 2009 - 2010

Cerveza desde Gobernador Mansilla, Entre Ríos.

4º Concurso y Festival de la Cerveza Casera y Artesanal 2011

Se viene el 4º concurso y festival de la cerveza casera y artesanal 2011.

Los días 26 y 27 de Noviembre 2011 en Sta Fe!!!

CERVEZA PALERMO lanza su variedad ICE

Cerveza Palermo lanza su variedad Ice
La clásica marca de CCU Argentina se caracteriza por su filtración a temperaturas bajo cero logrando un sabor suave y refrescante.                                    
Palermo, la tradicional cerveza argentina y que desde 1897 acompaña en los buenos momentos a sus consumidores, presenta una nueva propuesta para disfrutar y compartir: Palermo Ice.
Este nuevo producto de CCU Argentina, tiene la particular condición que es filtrada a temperaturas bajo cero para lograr un sabor verdaderamente suave y refrescante.
De esta manera, Palermo Ice, ingresa al mercado con una nueva imagen, en un segmento de cervezas extremadamente suaves y refrescantes, y presenta una interesante propuesta, ya que logra un equilibrio ideal entre calidad y el mejor precio dentro de esta nueva categoría.
En primera instancia, Palermo Ice estará presente en las provincias de Misiones, Formosa, Chaco, Corrientes, Entre Ríos, Santiago del Estero y La Rioja; y en las ciudades de Rosario y La Plata.
Palermo Ice, entra a competir en el segmento de bebidas “fácilmente tomables”, para los paladares que prefieren las cervezas más suaves.

Brasserie McAuslan Launch

Sunday, October 30th from 4PM until close we'll be hosting the launch of Brasserie McAuslan in Washington. We're very honored as McAuslan is one of the oldest and most respected craft breweries in Quebec. Founded in 1989 in Montreal, they were the first craft brewery in the province to bottle their beers. They have since won numerous medals in international competitions for their world-class ales and were well-regarded by The Beer Hunter, Michael Jackson.

We'll be pouring samples of the St-Ambroise Oatmeal Stout and the St-Ambroise Vintage Ale 2009. We'll of course have bottles of both available along with a limited amount of the St-Ambroise Citrouille Pumpkin Ale. The always effervescent Dan, from Orcas Distributing, will be here to answer any questions and give out hugs.

Winning Homebrew Recipe Pouring at Lucky Bucket Tonight

The winner of The Crescent Moons's Homegrown Homebrew Fest earlier this year got to brew his recipe at Lucky Bucket. Tonight they begin pouring the finished product at their tasting room and they are releasing it to a few establishments around the city. Check it out!

From Lucky Bucket's Facebook page:
Drum our Tasting Room will release legendary homebrewer, John Fahrer's winning homebrew, Dmitri's Revenge. This Russian Imperial Stout won The Crescent Moon Alehouse Homegrown Homebrew Fest. We'll open the doors at 4p for this limited-run single batch treat. A great story behind it and John might be able to join us. Kudos to John...well done, sir!

Free Beer at °Brix!

How's that for an attention grabbing headline?

°Brix will be having a free "spooky" beer sampling tonight from 6 to 8.

From their email:
Spooky Brew Sampling Friday at Brix!
While you're shopping for devilishly great brews at the Brix Spooky Brews sale, stop by for a free tasting of some of our favorite sinister suds. 
Lucky Bucket CERTIFIED EVIL Dark Strong Ale
Wychwood Brewery HOBGOBLIN Brown Ale
JUST ARRIVED... Ska Brewing EUPHORIA Seasonal Pale Ale
and ORIGINAL SIN Hard Cider
°Brix will also be having a sale on "spooky" beers all weekend:
If there's one holiday that SCREAMS for BEER, it has to be Halloween. Get in the party SPIRIT with our lineup of SPOOKY BREWS - Two dozen festive freaky froths on sale throughout the weekend. Whether you're a WITCH, a DEVIL, or a NAUGHTY NURSE, we've got an other-worldly brew to keep you warm!
Here are some of our selections - prices are SLASHED through Monday, so fill up your party bag!
Rogue Dead Guy Ale
Great Divide Hades
Coney Island Freaktoberfest
Original Sin Hard Cider
Weyerbacher Old Heathen & Blithering Idiot
Corne du Diable - "Horn of the Devil"
Lucky Bucket Certified Evil
Boulevard Sixth Glass
Duvel - "A Devil of a Beer"
Het Anker Lucifer
Unibroue Maudite - "Cursed"
Bilboquet La Corriveau - Quebec's Lizzie Borden
Squatters Hell's Keep & Outer Darkness
Thunderhead Cornstalker
Dixie Blackened Voodoo Lager 
Skeleton beers from Ska Brewing: DecadentNefarious Ten Pin, and Euphoria 
And of course the Wychwood ales: ScarecrowWychcraft, and Hobgoblin 

Plus Limited Edition DUVEL Bat glasses and HOBGOBLIN mugs are 10% off.
No further discounts apply / while supplies last
Prices in effect through October 31st 

Random Beer Roundup - The Go Cards Edition

Before we get started, I have a few notes to make.

First, the buzz around Fountain Square is that Shelbi Street Cafe will be closing just before Thanksgiving and reopening a short time later (they are shooting for First Friday in December.  The menu will be tweaked, and they will have 10 taps in the restaurant, plus the additional (and different) 5 taps that are in Imbibe, the cocktail lounge adjacent to the restaurant.  We didn't catch if the name will change, but we'll post more details as we learn them.

Second, it is posted below, but I don't want you to miss that Twenty Tap's Grand Opening celebration has been postponed.  More details soon.

Finally, Tailgate for Nothing 5: Gravyfest is quickly approaching!  Join us on Saturday, November 5th.

P.S. Go Cardinals.

Hoosier Beer Calendar
Events are subject to change

From the Brewers
From John at Half Moon Brewery in Kokomo:
Honey-Rye goes on tap today.

Half Moon Honey-Rye (Seasonal)

The wait is over!  The Honey-Rye is back and better than ever!  Its soft honey aroma will entice your senses and pave the way for the light sweet taste with a velvety smooth and creamy mouth-feel.  It finishes slightly spicy and dry due to the copious amounts of rye malt.  Truly a delightful beer with a delightful bite!

O.G.=1.066  ABV=7.6%  IBU=16

From Greg at Lafayette Brewing Co. in Lafayette:
On tap at Lafayette Brewing this weekend:  Star City Lager; Star City Dark; Star City Oktoberfest; East Side Bitter; Pipers' Pride Scottish Ale; Eighty-Five; Black Angus Oatmeal Stout; Java Rocket Stout; Bushman's Bitter; and Nugg-Ade IPA.
We've also got a spooktacular All Hallows Eve Party on Monday, October 31, featuring Big John Bates, Joe Buck and The Rocket Doll Revue Burlesque Troop.  $250 cash prize costume contest.  Show time is 9 pm, tickets are $15.

From the Potable Curmudgeon at New Albanian Brewing Co. in New Albany:
Help NABC say goodbye to Leticia Bajuyo’s “Brew History: All Bottled Up.”, plus NABC IX - Ninth Anniversary Ale release - 10/28

From Andrew at Ram Restaurant and Brewery in Indianapolis/Fishers:

Pie'd Piper Pumpkin Ale Party on October 27th at 6 p.m. - The Halloween spirit is coming to the Downtown RAM Restaurant and Brewery including costumes, a Pumpkin-carving contest, spooky spirits tastings, and Pie'd Piper Pumpkin Ale! In addition, Chef John will be whipping up some wholesome Biscuits 'n Turkey. The number of available pumpkins is limited, so come early to carve your gourd with a fresh pint o' pumpkin. 

From Clay at Sun King Brewery in Indianapolis:

Upcoming Events:

Nourish Cafe Brewer's Dinner at the IMA
Thursday, November 3rd
Contact Nourish for Reservations
(317) 923-1331
1st Friday at The Harrison Center
Friday, November 4th 
Fresh•Local•Beer and Art
1505 N. Delaware St.

Tailgate for Nothing 5 aka TFN5
Saturday, November 5th  11 a.m. - ???
Sun King South Parking Lot
Brought to you by the good folks at Hoosier Beer Geek 
WJJK Colts Tailgate
Sunday, November 6th 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Conrad Hotel - 123 S. Illinois St.
Fresh•Local•Beer & Pre-Game Good Times
Brewer's Dinner at Restaurant Tallent
Tuesday, November 8th  6:00 p.m.
6 Courses of Delicious Food & Beer - $65
812-330-9801 for Reservations

WJJK Colts Tailgate
Sunday, November 13th 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Conrad Hotel - 123 S. Illinois St. 
Fresh•Local•Beer & Pre-Game Good Times

Roving Cinema at Sun King presents Gremlins
Thursday, Novemaber 17th  7:00 p.m.
Movie presented by the Indianapolis International Film Festival
Fresh•Local•Beer and Pizza from Jockamo

From Ryan at Thr3e Wise Men Brewing Co. in Broad Ripple, Indianapolis:
Join us at Thr3e Wise Men Brewing Company this coming Tuesday November 1st for the tapping of our new seasonal, Beneficence Pale Ale! We will be tapping it at 6pm and giving out free samples till 7pm. Stop by after you get off of work and enjoy a pint for $3.50.

From Mike at Triton Brewing Company in Indianapolis:
Triton still has Bourbon Barrel Deadeye Stout. Probably won't last the weekend. Buy two or more growler fills 10/29 and receive a Glow-In-The-Dark Trident to take to your holiday party. 
Guest Taps:

Three Floyds Zombie Dust
Stone Arrogant Bastard
Founder's Cerise
Sun King Grapefruit Jungle
Rivertown Helles Lager
Harpoon Leviathan
Goose Island Pere Jacques
Flat 12 Porter

From Charles at Upland Brewing Co. in Bloomington/Indianapolis:
 B-Line Twilight Trail Run & Shindig. Saturday, October 29th, 6-10pm (Bloomington) 
A non-competitive run/walk followed by live music, food, and beer at Upland’s Bloomington Brew Pub. More information and tickets available at 
Leftover Turkey Trail Run and Novemberfest. Saturday, November 26th, 3-7pm. Eagle’s Crest—Eagle Creek Park (Indianapolis) 
A 5k, 10k, and 1 Mile Group Loop (for those that like to take a break and drink a beer while running with friends) followed by an all-inclusive party with food, beer, and live music. More information and registration at
At Bars and Restaurants
From Patrick at Patrick's Kitchen and Drinks in Zionsville:
Our Oktoberfest went well, sold out and they stayed late which is always a good sign.
We are just receiving a keg of Dreadnaught which assures the uninterrupted supply for a week or so, then there is Sun King Oktoberfest, Sun King Jungle Room, Founder's Breakfast Stout, and People's Pils.....along with some German bottles that remain....get 'em on sale for just $2.50 until they are gone, THAT'S THE GERMAN BOTTLES PEOPLE...On Wednesdays we do $3 draft of a Microbrew and this week it will have been People's Pils.

From Tom at The Pub in Mishawaka:
The Pub, 408 W. Cleveland Rd, Mishawaka, IN (formerly the tap room for Mishawaka Brewing Company beers, now has Sun King's four house beers (Osiris, Wee Mac, Bitter Druid and Sunlight Cream Ale) on tap as well as 3Floyds Alpha King, Bell's Two Hearted, Southern Tier 2XIPA, Southern Tier jahVa Stout, Two Brothers Cane & Ebel, and Paulaner Hefe Weiss.  Also have  3Floyds Dreadnaught and Munsterfest, Southern Tier Back Burner Barleywine, New Holland Dragons Milk in 22 oz bombers.

From Ryan at Scotty's Brewhouse in Various Locations:

Come on by Scotty’s Brewhouse Northside Indianapolis or Downtown on Tuesday and get a $6.00 48oz. Pitcher of Select Domestic & Microbrew Drafts. Leinenkugel’s new seasonal, Fireside Nut Brown, was just released and offered for this special on Tuesday nights!!

All of our college locations, Muncie, Bloomington & West Lafayette are offering an amazing pitcher special on Tuesday nights. We have a select list of $5 Domestic & Microbrew Pitchers!!! Enjoy a Sam Adams Winter, their new seasonal, on Tuesday’s for only $5.00!

From Kristin at Tomlinson Tap Room in City Market, Indianapolis:
Monday 10/31 ~ 3 Floyds Broo Doo tapping for Halloween 
Wednesday 11/2 ~ Ram Brewery on Tap - All Hops Go to Heaven IPA, Amber Waves Farmhouse Saison, Pie'd Piper Pumpkin Ale, and TTR exclusive Chupacabra Porter infused with ancho chiles
Wednesday 11/9 ~ New Albanian's Yakima IPA & Mad Anthony Pumpkin Ale
Wednesday 11/16 ~ Trition Brewing Co - Amber & Stout 
Friday 11/23 ~ First Anniversary Celebration - More details soon! 

From Rob at Twenty Tap in the neighborhood south of Broad Ripple:
Twenty Tap's Grand Opening Celebration, scheduled for October 29th has been postponed.  Check back for the official rescheduled date.  

For Carry-out
From Jason at Tuxedo Park Brewers Supply in Fountain Square:

MONK Chili Bowl 2011! 
Time:    Saturday, November 12 · 5:00pm – 8:00pm 
Location:  Big Car Gallery in Fountain Square  
Think ahead to November. What comes to mind? There's a chill in the air, football on the tv... Now think of food. Chili. Beer. That's just about all you need. 
So let's combine them. The Chili Bowl is a club-sponsored competition to produce both, a beer with chili [peppers] in it and a chili made with THAT beer.  The results will be presented at Big Car Gallery on November 12.  The event will have limited tickets available to the public for $10...proceeds directly support future MONK activities, tastings and products.  If this sounds like you, head over the MONK facebook event page ( and post a comment so the organizers will know you would like to purchase tickets – exact method of public ticketing is still TBD.

From the Distributors/Reps:
From Jen at Cavalier Distribution:

Stone Double Bastard - limited seasonal release; 22oz and draft
Great Divide Fresh Hop Pale Ale -limited seasonal release; 22oz and draft    
Breckenridge Christmas - limited seasonal release; 6 packs and draft
Stevens Point St. Benedict's Winter Ale - limited seasonal release; 6 packs only 
11/1 - Birdy's Monthly Beer Tasting ; 6pm-8pm ; $10
11/5 - Fiddler's Hearth Tap Takeover; South Bend (ALL DAY)
11/8 - Founders Special Tapping at Chatham Tap Fishers; (ALL DAY) music starts at 8pm
11/16 -Monon Food Co/People's Brewing Co ; 6pm; tix at MoFoCo $35
12/6 - Birdy's Monthly Beer Tasting ; 6pm-8pm ; $10
12/6 - Stone Special Tapping at Chatham Tap Fishers; (ALL DAY) music starts at 8pm
12/14 - NABC Special Tapping at The Sinking Ship ; 7pm
1/31/2012 - Binkley's Super Founders Bowl Beer Dinner ; Tuesday, 6:30pm ; $75.00, tix at Binkley's